research and clinical studies

We have done some initial field test of the encardia methodology and these studies have thus far proven successful in demonstrating encardia’s efficacy in the following fields: nursing, corporate, and in-vitro fertilization.

Helping nurses to reduce stress in the workplace

An in-hospital study of a high-stress workforce population, demonstrating the efficacy of reducing stress using the breathe technique.

Helping reduce stress for executives in the workplace

A review of executives under stress achieving significantly reduced stress levels utilizing the breathe technique.

Reducing stress for first responders: a case study

A case study demonstrating the efficacy of utilizing the breathe techniqe to reduce the effects of acute and prolonged stress..

Stress reducing technique to improve outcomes with in-vitro fertilization

A study demonstrating the efficacy of the breathe technique to address the stress and emotional challenges of patients undergoing the in-vitro fertilization process.

More studies are being authored by our research partners as we continue to find areas where the encardia program can make a positive impact.

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